A magical blend between the roughness and strength of steel and bricks in New York City and the wonderful scent of spices and flavors from around the world describe Chef Eddie G, lead chef and partner at Locavore Media, a culinary experience agency based in LA.

New York’s unparalleled melting pot and veracity, coupled with flavors from 18 different countries proved to be the perfect ingredients for Chef Eddie G’s signature delights. Born and bred in the city that never sleeps among a rich immigrant community to Irish and German parents, afforded a young Eddie access to herbs, spices, and sauces that lit up his taste buds opening an entire new culinary world.

Eddie’s first project was as his mother’s “sous chef.” Just a boy, he stood on a wooden stool to help her prepare family dinner. A love affair with food quickly ensued and in high school Eddie took his first job at a cozy Italian restaurant, where he witnessed the magic in feeding guests with a good meal, and the power it has in bringing people together. “A true chef has to love hospitality as much as they enjoy preparing the dish.” said Chef Eddie G. “I learned this as a young man and it has driven my passion for this industry ever since.”

After graduating from high school, Eddie attended the prestigious Johnson & Wales Culinary School and with little time to transition he went from “the pan into the fire” traveling all over the world as a chef and quickly moving on to managing three restaurants and more than 100 employees in South Carolina. Never able to “sit still”, Eddie continued his travels all over the world, participating in food festivals, cooking shows and private parties all while continuing his growth in the culinary arts. “There was nothing more interesting to me than pursuing a life of creating great dishes and memorable experiences for guests,” said Chef Eddie G. “Meeting new people, tasting new foods and learning new cultures inspired everything I had accomplished in the kitchen.”

Everything went full circle for Chef Eddie G when he returned home with all the different flavors he collected during his travels to East Harlem and opened up Chef Eddie Gs Kitchen - a culmination of a thirty-year “project” where Chef Eddie G still continues to collect palates to yield succulent dishes. The menu echoes eclectic flavors from the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Asia and have resonated with both local New Yorkers and city explorers alike. “Every new place I travel, every guest’s comment and every new flavor I find makes its way into the kitchen and your dish,” said Chef Eddie G.

Every dish Chef Eddie G creates provides an unforgettable experience for his guests; his passion for cooking and travelling, his home background in NY and all of his years of cooking experiencing in more than 100 kitchens around the world make him an exceptional and daring chef.

His appearances on TV shows and magazines have granted him the title of American celebrity and has recently added author to his repitoire as well with his first cookbook "Cooking Coast2Coast Cuisine". Be on the lookout for his second cookbook "Locavore", coming soon.

In the meantime, be sure to catch Chef Eddie G in Season 9 of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race.

Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race

CHEF EDDIE G. will be appearing on Season 9 of Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race.

Chefs Eddie G and Kevin along with Christine, a stand-up comedian, are taking the flavors of New England on the road with NEW ENGLAND GRILL. From lobster to scallops to Yankee pot roast sliders, they're bringing a bit of the east out west.

Be sure to watch Chef Eddie G and his team on the new season of The Great Food Truck Race, only on Food Network. Catch up On Demand or on the Food Network App.

Congratulations to Chef Eddie G, Chef Kevin Des Chenes, and Christine for finishing in Second Place on Season 9!

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My cullinary journey has brought me to many amazing places and introduced me to even more amazing people.


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Immediately after his stint at SE Presents, London worked as an executive for a venue association where he was in charge of all the education and training initiatives with sports stadiums, convention centers, performing arts, and arenas. London then attended the Digital Film Academy of New York conservatory program to produce television and films focusing on societal impact. London also has a Doctorate in Business Administration and an MBA in Sports and Entertainment Management.


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Coast 2 Coast Cuisine

Coast 2 Coast Cuisine is a nationally syndicated TV Show where my best friend & exact opposite, chef John R. Cifrese, battle for best dish as we prepare the same center of the plate item, pinning East Coast versus West Coast culinary styles.